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Indulge in Lavella Spa's Diverse Spa Treatments

Experience a wide range of revitalizing spa treatments at Lavella Spa in Koh Phangan, designed to cater to your relaxation and wellness requirements. Our skilled therapists provide a variety of personalized services, such as combined massage therapies, revitalizing body scrubs, nourishing wraps, and our signature Lavella natural facial. Our facials commence with a deep cleansing, followed by toning and exfoliation, with the choice of a soothing cucumber or aloe vera mask. The treatment concludes with a hydrating serum and protective sunscreen, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. Unwind and treat yourself to the ultimate pampering experience at Lavella Spa.

  • Sauna and Oil Massage 1000฿

    (30 min sauna and 60 min massage)

  • Body Scrub & Massage (2 hrs) 1,300฿
  • Sauna / Body Scrub & Massage (2 hrs) 1500฿
  • Sauna, Bath, Body Scrub & Massage (2.5 hrs) 2200฿
  • Face & Foot 4 hands (45 min) 800฿
  • Body Scrub 900฿
  • Clay Body Wrap 1,000฿
  • Foot Scrub 400฿
  • Ear Spa 400฿
  • Lavella Facial 650฿

    First cleansing with toner and scrub can choose mark with cucumber or aloe vera Finish with nourishing serum and sunscreen

  • Lavella Face Lifting Massage (5 visits) 4000฿
Lavella ICON

Treat Yourself to a Spa Moment of Bliss in Koh Phangan